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Surface Tension-Old is Gold

  1. Why mercury does not wet glass tube?
  2. Why does mercury inside the capillary tube made of glass depress when dipped in a reservoir of mercury?
  3. Why small drops of mercury are spherical and bigger drops oval in shape?
  4. Hairs of brush spread out when it is dipped in water and cling together as soon as it is taken out of water. Explain.
  5. We use towels to dry our body after taking a shower. Why?
  6. Small particles of camphor dance on the surface of water, why?
  7. Hot soup is tastier than a cold one, why?
  8. Why is soap solution a better cleansing agent than ordinary water?
  9. What will happen if a capillary tube of insufficient height is dipped in water?
  10. The tip of the nib of a pen is split. Why?

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