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Thermal Properties of Matter- Old is Gold

  1. Which has more atoms: a kilogram of hydrogen or a kilogram of iron?
  2. Molecules of different gases have equal average kinetic energies, provided their temperature is the same. Do these molecules have equal velocities also?
  3. Outline the essential features of the kinetic theory of gases.
  4. Why do you consider an ideal gas while formulating the pressure in the light of kinetic theory of gases?
  5. Why does the cycle tube burst sometimes in summer?
  6. At absolute zero temperature, why the kinetic energy is zero?
  7. Under what conditions do the real gases obey more strictly the gas equation PV=RT?
  8. Write the unit of the universal gas constant and give its physical meaning.
  9. In the kinetic theory of gases, why do we not take into account the changes in gravitational potential energy of the molecule?
  10. Absolute zero temperature is not zero energy temperature. Explain.
  11. What are the characteristics of a gas to be an ideal?

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