Aristotle General Background

  • Aristotle (384-322 B.C.) was born at Stagira, a Greek city state in 384 B.C. in a family of Royal Physician.
  • He was a man of comfortable means and believed in the necessity of private property and family.
  • Aristotle entered Plato’s Academia at the age of 17 and studied for 20 years. His philosophy was shaped during that 20 years time.
  • Aristotle established a school named Lyceum in 335 B.C. It became the intellectual center of Hellas, the Greek people.
  • He wrote a book named ‘The Politics’.
  • He is bridge between orient and occident.
  • He explored 150 countries and studied the Constitution of 150 countries.
  • He was realist in thought and action in contrast to his teacher Plato who was idealist in thought and action.
  • His method of study was inductive method. As per the inductive method, specific observation leads to general conclusion.

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