Arhenius equation dependence of rate on temperature

The variation of rate or reaction on temperature is given by Arhenius equation. This eqn is 

k = A e– Eact/kt


           k = Rate constant

           Eact = Activation energy

            R = Universal gas constant

            T = Temperature in Kelvin

            A = Constant called Arhenius factor

Arhenius equation

Arhenius equation 

In a graph of lnk is plotted against 1/T it gives a straight line having y-intercept value lnA and slope -Eact/RT.

This shows that the rate constant is directly proportional to rate of reaction increase in temperature causes increase in rate of reaction.

If k1 and k2 are rate constant of a given reaction at T1 & T2.


Arhenius equation

From equation (i) and (ii) we get,

Arhenius equation