Management and administration

→Management and administration are synonymous:-Henry fayol, Kuntz, O’Donnell, Allen, terry, Newman
→Management is wider term than administration: – Barry Richman, Melvyn Copen
→Management and administration are different functions: – Oliver Sheldon, W.R Spiegel, and Ordway Teed
Management and administration are synonymous:- According to this concept, there is no distinction between management and administration they are twin word rather. The authorities like Henry fayol, Kuntz, O’Donnell, Allen, terry, Newman opines that Management is specialized activity used in social institutions whereas administration is used in government sectors.
Management is wider term than administration:- Management experts of U.K claim that management is wider that administration and it includes higher meaning than that of administration. Barry Richman and Melvyn Copen opine that management includes administration and administration is just an implementing agency.
Management = administration +entrepreneurship
Management and administration are different functions:- Under this concept much focus is given to administration. Administration is higher level activity and is concerned with formulation of broad objectives, mission, purpose and goals of organization. On the other hand, management is meant to execute and regulate the business activities to accomplish the organizational policies. Oliver Sheldon, W.R Spiegel, Ordway Teed opine that administration is determinative function relating to determining major mission considering the public opinion, government policies, social and external factors.

Difference between administration and management

Bases of differences







It is thinking or determining function.

It is doing or executive function.

Types of work

It relates with formulation of plans and objectives.

It is operative level.

Level of authority

It is top-level activity.

It is operative level activity.

Decision making

It considers public opinion, government policies, social and external factors for taking decisions.

It considers decisions influenced by values, opinions and beliefs.

Status of performer

It consists of investors.

It consists of paid employees.


It is used in government sectors.

It is used in private sectors.

Main functions

Planning and organizing

Directing and controlling


Requires administrative quality

Requires technical and professional ability