Quality of an Expert Witness

An expert is a specialist in the respective field and called as a witness  in the court  at that capacity. The qualities which possesses by expert witness are different from ordinary  witness because generally witness can not give their opinion, but the expert generally make their opinion. Therefore , there are some important qualities  of an expert  witness  as ,


An expert must have expertise or specialization in subject he/she testifies in court.That is main reason  of summoning him/her.The question of expertise  may be decided upon  the basis  of an inquiry  into academic achievements, professional training, experience in trade, means  at the command  and the application of those  for coming to conclusion.


The language used by an expert must be simple, clear and comprehensive even to ordinary people.The subject should be able  to present  his/her evidence  in clear words and if possible , through charts, photography, sketch and phomicrographs and make  his/her opinion demonstrative so that same could be appreciated by a lay person.


An expert opinion must be relevant  to both , the issue in question as well as to the established and recognized principles and findings of his/her  subject. The findings must not be based on assumptions but on relevant  data either from own experience or from the published works of accredited authors.


The court seeks for expert opinion in the presumption that such opinion will be  more authoritative or more reliable  due to his/her special  knowledge  on the subject. Another side of the basis of reliability is non –commitment  of the expert to interests of either disputing party. They should not only be reliable but appear to be so, and that he/she  should satisfy himself/herself  against bias arising  out of certain cases.