Zinc (Zn)

Group IIB (z) = At. No.
Zn        30        Zn  = [Ar] 3d104S2; Zn +2 = [Ar] 3d10
Cd       48
Hg       80
Configuration : (n-1) d10 ns2
The element Zn, Cd and Hg forms group IIB of the periodic table. These elements do not have partially filled d. orbitals both in metal and metal ion. So, they do not exhibit general properties of transition metals and are called non- typical transition metal.


Zinc occurs in nature only in combined state. The main ores of zinc are:
Zinc blende – ZnS
Calamino – ZnCO3
Zincite – ZnO
Franklinite – ZnO. Fe2O3
Willimite – 2ZnO. SiO2