Determining factors of tourism

There are various determining factors of tourism which are as follows:

  1. Industrial development : It has been noticed that more people travel industrially developed places while less visit industrially undeveloped places. The industrial development increases the per capita income and provides leisure as paid holiday.

  2. Wealth of the society : Money is the pre-condition to travel. Travelling is easier for the rich. So it has been noticed that more people travel from rich and wealthy countries.

  3. Development of holiday : It has been remarked that many people travel from Europe because their society has accepted the need and importance of holiday and hence, tourism.

  4. Geographical situations : A country or place surrounded by rich countries or areas receives more tourists than that in remote area. For e.g. more people visit Phewa Lake than Rara Lake in Nepal etc.

  5. Economic Stability : Tourists prefer economic stability in their own country and the country they are going to visit.

  6. Transportation facility : It is the pre-condition for travelling. The tourist spot with good transport facility will receive many tourists. For e.g. Rara Lake at Far western Nepal receives fewer tourists than Phewa Lake.

  7. Religious Places : Visiting religious places, pilgrimages etc have been one of the most important motives of people to travel.

  8. Natural Beauty : Tourists prefer to visit naturally beautiful places. For e.g. our country Nepal etc.

  9. Accommodation and Better facilities : Better accommodation and facilities increase the no. of tourists.

  10. Environment of place of Visit : It is well known fact that tourists prefer to visit clan, nice, pollution-free and peaceful places.

  11. Accessibility : A region having less or easy formalities receives higher no. of tourists. For e.g. Bhutan is not accessible to many people etc.

  12. Political Stability : No tourist likes to get involved in political problems of a country he/she is visiting.

  13. Man-made Environments : Man-made environments draw the attraction of many tourists.

  14. Peace : None likes to visit in war-time and violent places.

  15. Hospitality/ Friendliness : Tourists like to visit more to the places where people are friendly or hospitable.

  16. Recreational Centers : Many countries have developed the recreational centers to attract many tourists.

  17. Special Events : By organizing special events like sports, visit year etc, many countries are increasing the no. of tourists.

  18. Weather/ Season : Certain time of year, during better season, the no. of tourists visiting a country will be optimum.

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