Different motives/purposes of tourism

There are 8 different motives of tourism which are listed below:

  1. Physical Motives : Many people travel due to physical consciousness. Their tour is connected with their bodily health, well-being and physical relaxation.

  2. Pleasure : Many people travel to be free from the monotonous daily routine life. They need pleasure for some time.

  3. Relaxation, Rest and Recreation : People travel in order to get relaxed, rest their mind and body, and to get recreation and rejoice.

  4. Heath : Many people travel to get fresh breath and body for good health. The development of spas during the Roman period was result of people to seek good health.

  5. Curiosity and Culture : Man always loves travelling and is curious in order to know other’s culture, tradition and religion.

  6. Ethnicity and Family : A large no. of people travel to visit their family, friends and relatives, and also new people.

  7. Participation in Events/Festivals : Many people travel to take part in meeting, conferences and conventions. Some travel to celebrate festivals and ceremonies.

  8. Spiritual and Religious Motives : Visiting religious places, pilgrimages etc have been one of the most important motives of people.

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