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Development of Tourism In Nepal

  1. After unification to before down of democracy:
    • In 1850, Junga Bahadur Rana visited Egypt, Britain, France and religious places of India
    • De-Denial Wright (1877) visited Nepal  and wrote the book of history of Nepal
    • Bir Shumsher changed foreign policy during this period that facilitated Gorkha Army Recruitment
    • In 1905, Chandra Shumsher invited prince Wales for hunting in Nepal
    • In 1908, Chandra Shumsher visited Britain and around 73 magazines published the message of Nepalese art and culture
    • After the unification, Indian, Chinese, British came Nepal for political purposes
    • During the period of PNS, country was closed for outsiders, especially for Europeans to preserve independent and strengthen the unity of country
    • During the 104 years of Rana Regime (1846-1950 AD), the growth of tourism was paralyzed
  2. After democracy to till (1951 to till):
    • 1st hotel established but closed due to lack of tourists
    • Mt. Everest Climbing in 1953 AD begun
    • 1957 Tribhuwan Rajpath was opened and in the same year RNAC was established
    • 1958 July 4Th ,RNAC operated 1st flight
    • 1959, Nepal became member of IUOTO and PATA
    • 1959, tourist info center was established
    • 1959, civil aviation act was introduced
    • 1960, Nepal became member of ICAO
    • 1960, direct air liked to Delhi and Kolkata
    • 1962, taking statistics started
    • 1964, government passed tourism rule
    • 1964, Hotel Shankar and 1965, Hotel Annapurna established
    • 1966, Hotel Soaltee
    • 1972, tourism master plan developed with German expertise
    • 1972, HMITC established with the help ILO/UNSP
    • 1976, HAN and Tourism Agency
    • Feb 23, 1977, Ministry of Tourism
    • 1977, election of chairperson of world tourism commission for south Asia
    • 1978, High level tourism co-ordination committee
    • 1978, 2nd tourism master plan formulated (Lumbini Master Plan)
    • 1982, National Tourism Promotion Committee formed
    • 4th priority for tourism in budget of fiscal year 1995/96
    • 1995, tourism policy approved
    • Feb 1997, Nepal tourism Board Act 2057 formulated
    • Government declared the year 1998 as year of tourist with slogan “UNY98”
    • 1999, NTB and Civic Aviation Authority
    • 1999, NAThM and 3 years later B.H.M (TU) established
    • UNDP worked at 7 districts
    • 2003, NAThM started 3 years BTM and in same year 50th anniversary of Mount Everest
    • Now, Nepal is member of UNWTO, PATA, ICAO, IAIA etc
    • 2006, peace process was signed that helped to develop no. of tourists visiting Nepal

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