Development/Evolution of Tourism Global Context

  1. The 1st phase (epoch) - early days up to 1840 AD: People travelled for different purposes like commercial interests, religious purposes, seeking knowledge etc.
  2. The 2nd phase (epoch) – 1841 up to 1945 AD: Thomas cook helped a lot to develop the status of tourism as;
    • Development of urbanization and concept of holiday
    • Improvement of transport and communication
    • Development of 1st railway link
    • Thomas cook published a guide book for travelling information
    • Cook opened a financial institution for currency exchange in 1870
    • In 1867, introduction to vouchers helped to develop the nature of tourism i.e. pay here, get there
    • The development of Shipping technology (1st ship is Suez
  3. The 3rd  phase (epoch) –1945 to modern days: The modern development are:
    • Globalization of tourism
    • Increment of living standard of people
    • Mass tourism
    • Development of modern transport
    • Formation of international organization
    • Bilateral/ multilateral agreements in tourism

Thus, the modern tourism is called “The century of mass tourism”

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