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Model Question – Biology | Class 12 Model Question

Section ‘A’ (Botany) – New Model

1. Answer any 7 very short questions. [1×7 = 7]
a. What is sclenchyma?
b. Define term diffusion.
c. What is phototropism?
d. What is heredity?
e. What is homozygous?
f. What is vegetative reproduction?
g. Define microsporogenesis.
h. What is self-pollentaion?
i. Define tissue culture.
j. What is antibiotic?

2. Answer any 5 questions in brief. [3×5 = 15]
a. Describe in detail about the types and functions of parenchymatous tissues.
b. Describe the uses of cytokinin.
c. Describe the structure of DNA.
d. Describe in detail about the incomplete dominance with example.
e. Describe the types of mutation.
f. Describe the process of double fertilization with necessary figures.
g. Discuss green manure and its application in agriculture.

3 Draw a well-labeled diagram of T.S. of dicot root and point out its differences with that monocot roots. [7.5]


What is transpiration? Describe an experiment to show the unequal transpiration. [7.5]

4 Describe the sex-linked inheritance with the reference of Drosophila (fruit fly). [8]

Section ‘B’ (Zoology)

1. Answer any 7 very short questions. [1×7 = 7]
a. Write full form of NADP.
b. Name the two sex linked diseases in human.
c. What do you mean by myogenic heart?
d. What do you understand by Rh-factor?
e. In what form is oxygen transported to tissues?
f. Why is Hepatitis dangerous than AIDS.
g. Why blood group ‘A’ person cannot donate blood to blood group ‘B’ person.
h. Name the main steps of nutrition.
i. What is called brooding?
j. What is Toxoid? Give example.

2. Answer any 5 questions in brief. [3×5 = 15]

a. Describe the structure of areolar fissure.
b. Write notes on control measures of human population growth.
c. Discuss the fate of ectoderm.
d. Exchange of gases in the lungs.
e. Draw an L.S. of human eye.
f. What are heart sounds? How are they produced?
g. Explain the major causes of Cancer.

3 Give account of the process of urine formation in human being. [8]


Explain the course of blood circulation in the human heart with the help of neat and well labeled diagram. [8]

4 Give an account of structure and function of a nephron in human being. [7.5]

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