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Model Question of Biology – Class 12

Model Questions of Biology
Class – 12
Year : 2070
F.M : 75 | PM : 25

Section A Zoology

1. Give very short answers of following questions any seven 1×7=7

1.1. What is the average weight of human brain?
1.2. What is organ of corti?
1.3. What is micturition?
1.4. What is autograft?
1.5. What is the function of Leydig cells?
1.6. Give the function of carbonic anhydrase.
1.7. Name the hormone that regulates water absorption.
1.8. What are drug addiction?
1.9. Name the hormones secreted by ovary.
1.10. What is Rh factor?

2. Give short answers of following questions any five 3×5=15
2.1. Write a note on Haversian canal system.
2.2. Mention the applications of biotechnology
2.3. Write the procedure of amniocentesis.
2.4. What are the differences between parasympathetic and sympathetic nerves?
2.5. Discuss the histological structure of human pancreas.
2.6. Explain briefly when exactly the two heart sounds are produced. Name the instrument used to hear these sounds.
2.7. Why the transplanted organs rejected & what are the means to prevent rejection?

3 Describe the development of frog from the zygote up to the formation of coelom. 7.5

4 Describe the causative agent, symptoms and preventive measures of the non-Communicable disease.


Describe the human brain with suitable diagram. 8

Section B Botany

1. Give very short answers of following questions any seven 1×7=7

1.1. What do you know about operon?
1.2. Write two important methods of vegetative propagation.
1.3. How does photophosphorylation differ from oxidative phosphorylation?
1.4. Mention the role of yeast in fermentation process.
1.5. Write down the complementary RNA sequence of the DNA segment AATAAA CCGA.
1.6. List two major application of tissue culture technique.
1.7. Name two plants used as biofertilizers.
1.8. Give the structure of ethylene.
1.9. What is a genetic code?
1.10. Write one important difference between dicot stem and monocot stem

2. Give sort answers of following questions any five 3×5=15

2.1. Write down the experiment to demonstrate unequal transpiration from two surfaces of dorsiventral leaf.
2.2. Give an account of micro-mutation.
2.3. Describe in brief the criss-cross inheritance.
2.4. What are objectives of plant breeding?
2.5. Discuss physiological effects of auxins on the plant body.
2.6. Describe principle of fermentation technology with example.
2.7. Write six differences between dicot and monocot root.

3 Draw a well-labeled diagram of T.S. of dicot root. Discuss how it differs from that of a monocot. 7.5


What is respiration? Explain the process of glycolysis in plants.

4 Discuss the mechanism of DNA-replication. 8

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