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Oparin`s and Halden`s Theory (Biochemical origin of life)

Gradual transformation (transmutation) of inorganic compounds to organic compounds and organic compounds to proto cell (life) is called Biochemical origin of life.

Major steps:

It is the process of gradual transformation of inorganic compounds to organic compounds. There are its Five sub-units:-

  • Formation of water, methane, Ammonia and Cynamide.
  • Formation of hydrocarbons.
  • Formation of sugar, amino acids and fatty acids.
  • Formation of oxy & hydroxyl derivatives of hydrocarbons.
  • Formation of purines, pyrimidines and nucleotides.

Gradual transformation of organic compounds to protocell (life). 3 Steps are:-

  • Formation of nuclei acids.
  • Formation of co-acervates.
  • Formation of proto cell.

Diversification of protozoa into metazoa and metaphyta and various characters.

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