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Relation of Biology with other Sciences

Relation with Chemistry:

  • Body of all living organisms s made up of organic and inorganic compounds.
  • All the metabolic activities inside the body of living beings involve chemical reactions and chemical changes.
  • Genetic materials DNA and RNA are also chemicals.
  • Enzymes and hormones produced in the body of living organisms are also exclusively chemicals.
  • Acid-base equilibrium in a cell maintains the pH of the protoplasm for proper functioning.
  • Molecules move in and out of the cells by diffusion and osmosis.

Relation with Physics:

  • Biological instruments such as microscopes, X-rays, ECG etc. are based on the principles of physics.
  • Light induces various effects on living organisms.
  • Study on the structure and functioning of human eye require knowledge of optics.
  • Physical techniques such as: electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction, fractionation, Chromatography etc. have made possible the study of finer details of cellular and sub-cellular components.

Relation with Geography:

  • Distribution of plants and animals vary different geographical factors. e.g. Climate, altitude, temperature, etc.

Relation with Mathematics and Statistics:

  • Census of wild animals is based on application of mathematical and statistical applications. Such applications are helpful in data compilation and analysis of living organisms.

Relation with Sociology:

  • Study of human behavior, social relationship and antisocial relationships needs idea of biological science. For example, investigation on criminals and terrorists requires the study of human nervous system and study of glands, hormones, etc. It also requires the knowledge of principles of inheritance, pedigree analysis, etc.

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