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Scope of Biology

  • Scope of biology in the field of health and medicine:
  1. All the health workers such as doctors, nurse, health assistants, dentists etc come from biological background.
  2. Different vaccines are developed only after the successful experiments upon wild animals.
  3. Different medicines are prepared from plants and animals products. E.g. herbal plant is used to make varieties of medicines.
  4. Different diseases such as malaria, kalazar, etc. can be controlled only after the destruction of vector host like mosquito, sand fly etc. which can be done only with the biological knowledge by the biologists.
  5. Different medicines are prepared after the successful test on wild animals.
  • Scope of biology in the field of Agriculture:
  1. Hybrid plants are genetically modified seeds (GM). GM seeds can accelerate/replicate production of crops.
  2. Organic fertilizers make the soil fertile without making any environmental pollution.
  3. Different insects such as butterfly, honey-bee etc. help to pollinate the plants and increase the production of crops.
  4. Different animals like earthworm and microorganisms (like nitrifying bacteria) make the soil fertile and increase the production of crops.
  • Scope of biology in the field of Industry:
  1. Biology helps us to produce goods by utilizing natural resources as raw materials of the industries in a sustainable manner.
  2. Different industries such as dairy industries fish-farming, agro-industries etc. need biologically knowledge personnel to run.
  3. Different industries produce various forms of wastage. Thus, study of biology helps us to control pollution hazards and to devise the measures for eliminating them.

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