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Types of Coelomates

  • Pseudocoelom (false coelom): formed by splitting of mesoderm. Coelom is filled with muscles and tissues. E.g. Nematodes

  • True Coelum: real cavity formed by splitting of mesoderm lying between body wall and gut wall. E.g. Annelids

  • Haemocoelom: Coelom cavity filled with blood. E.g. Arthopods, mollucs etc. These organisms have opened type of circulatory system. Haemocoelom works as blood vessels.

  • NOTE: Cockroach has haemocyazine

Locomotary Organs or Structures:

  1. Pseudopodia in Amoeba
  2. Flagella in Euglena
  3. Cillia in Paramecium
  4. Setae in Earthworms
  5. Parapodia in Nereis
  6. Appenduges in Arthopods
  7. Muscular foot in Mollucs
  8. Tube feet in Starfish
  9. Fins in Fishes
  10. Limbs in Vertebrates


  1. Holozoic: takes solid food
  2. Holophytic: plant/solid food taking
  3. Saprozoic: animals feeding on dead organic matter
  4. Saprophytic: plants feeding on dead organic matter
  5. Parasitic: live on other organisms
  6. Carnivorous: feed on animals flesh
  7. Herbivorous: feed on plants

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