Advantages and Limitations of scientific management

Advantages of scientific management :-

To employees

a. Better utilization of resources through scientific techniques
b. Scientific selection and training of employees leads to better workforce which ensures increase in efficiency
c. Harmonious relationship between the workers and the management
d. Standardization of tools, materials, techniques, equipment for increasing efficiency
e. Reduction of production cost

To workers

a. Opportunity for scientific training and development to increase skills knowledge and competency
b. Better working conditions
c. Application of scientific methods and techniques in better working conditions to reduce fatigue
d. Higher wages to the workers for higher productivity

To society

a. People get better quality products at lower cost
b. Increase productivity in the country by utilizing resources properly
c. Improve standard of living of people through better products
d. Scientific investigation promotes technological development

Limitations of scientific management: –

a. It is based upon one best way and is applicable for simple organizations than that for today’s dynamic and complex organization
b. It focuses on individual performance than group efforts and divides the workers into efficient and inefficient categories
c. It is focused on specialization and repetition of jobs to increase the productivity which reduces innovation and creativity and promotes monotony
d. It neglects human factor because it motivates workers to work for monetary benefits rather than human resource development and resources
e. There is no scope for creativity of employees because they are developed by manager which promotes frustration.

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