Agenda and Resolution


It is the most important base for all meeting. It includes the subjects to be discussed in the meeting. It is prepared with consultancy of chairman. Its main objective is to conduct meeting in a systematic way without missing any item. It is the deal about the subject mater of the meeting and is informed to all meeting members. It allows the member to have sufficient time in preparation of their own matter of discussion on the topic of the agenda before the meeting.


Resolution is all the activities of company which are conducted after the resolution is passed in various meeting of shareholders and directors. All the decisions that are taken in the meeting are in the form of resolution. It can be defined as the resolve to do or not to do things. When any proposal is accepted by required majority in the meeting then the proposal becomes resolution. There are two types of resolution. They are

1. Ordinary resolution
It is passed by simple majority of member present a general meeting. Majority is taken by voting. For this purpose, in this meeting, in the public company, there must be presence of 50% share with at least 3 shareholders are presented. It cannot be held due to quorum

They are passed for following purpose

  • Profit and loss account
  • Balance sheet of previous years
  • Declaration of dividends
  • Appointment of directors and auditors
  • Salary and facility for directors and auditor

2. Special resolution
The resolution requires passing 75% majority of members. It must be submitted to take decisions for following matters

  • Increasing authorized capital of the company
  • Decreasing the share capital of the company
  • Altering name or objective of the company
  • Issuing bonus shares
  • Selling shares at discount
  • Converting private company into public company or vice versa

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