Concept and purpose of filing

Meaning of filing
It is the process of classifying, arranging and storing record so that they can be located when required. It is also the process o collecting and arranging records or their copies in such a way so that whenever it is needed it could be found very easily. All office receives letters and dispatches that are kept for the future use. They are to be stored in a safe place. For that filing is required. It is an important part of management that helps to decide about anything in a legal and systematic way. It is the process of arranging and protecting records so that they may be found and delivered easily when needed for future.


  • It helps to keep all records together so the history of office can be understood.
  • It helps to provide safety place for storage of necessary documents in order to use and locate them when required.
  • To make records readily and easily available.
  • It can be used as evidence in case of dispute
  • It helps in some legal formalities.
  • It is shown as profit or legal evidence.
  • It can be presented as a legal document in court.
  • It helps to make future plans. Past records are the base of future records

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