Importance of Supervisor

Importance of supervision

1. Goal achievement: the main objectives of supervision are to increase the effectiveness of work. Effective work performance in organization is facilitated by supervision. It helps in goal achievement. Therefore, in the absence of effective supervision the qualities of employee’s performance are so low that an organizational goal can’t be achieved.

2. Productivity increment: effective supervision helps to increase the productivity. Supervisors provide the guidelines and motivate the subordinates. When the subordinates receive the guidelines, they are motivated, their performance level is increased and productivity also increases

3. Better communication: mainly supervisor acts as a bridge between employees and the manager. According to the nature of supervisor’s job, s/he must develop the communication skill and s/he must impose two way communications. Therefore, better communication is possible in effective supervision

4. Maintenance: supervisors are responsible to create the working harmony between workers and equipment. Therefore, effective supervision helps to maintain the equipment which are handled by workers.

5. Improvement in quality: effective supervision is the function of checking. When the workers do not perform qualitative task the supervisor help to improve their quality.

6. Minimization of cost: effective supervision is the overseeing and observing activities. In effective supervision, supervisor helps to minimize the cost and tome. In other words, supervisor encourages the people to minimize the cost.

7. Improvement in working methods: in the process of supervision. Supervisors use the new and improved work methods ad tools. It helps to improve the working methods.

8. Better human relations: supervisors provide the counseling. Coaching and correct guidelines. They interpret the policies and planning of the organization. It helps to keep the better human relations.

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