Principles of scientific management

1. Replacing the rule of thumb with science:- it requires scientific study and analysis of each element of job in order to replace the old rule of thumb approach. Only through scientific investigation and standardization better way of work can be developed. Scientific selection of employees requires that decisions to make on facts rather than on opinions and beliefs.

2. Harmony in group activities:- in the past there was only discord. Taylor has emphasized harmony among employee and employer to attain common goals which could help to contribute to the maximum limit.

3. Cooperation:- cooperation between management and labor is the major foundation of scientific management. It creates a sense of mutuality through which maximum prosperity can be guaranteed.

4. Development of employees:- personnel management must be backed up by scientific selection of employees along with proper training to them. Efforts should be made to develop each employee to achieve efficiency and prosperity.

5. Division of responsibility:- introduction of functional foremanship made division of responsibility. Many foremen should be appointed out of which 4 for planning and 4 for doing. In planning they were route clerk, instruction cord clerk, time and cost clerk and disciplinarian. And for doing they were speed boss, gang boss, repair boss and inspector. This promoted division of work which promoted division of responsibility

6. Maximum output:- Taylor was more concerned with continuous increase in production and productivity. It maximum output is derived from optimum utilization of resources than surely it will bring higher profits and better benefits to the employer and employees.

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