Qualities of good filing system

Some qualities of good filing system:

1. Simple: It should be easy and simple to be understood by the entire employees.

2. Economy: Filing should be cheap and must come under the budget of the organization. The installation and operation cost should be low.

3. Compactness: It should be compact and should not take unnecessary space

4. Accessibility: Files and folders must be preserved for future and must be easily accessible.

5. Suitable: It should be suitable for any kind of organization. It should meet the requirement of business

6. Flexible: It should be flexible enough. It must be dynamic and changeable according to the needs of an organization

7. Safety: A good filing system must preserve all the necessary documents from insects, dust, fire, water and so on

8. Indexing: A good filing system must have proper indexing

9. Classification: The files should be classified in a proper way so that it helps in easy location.

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