Registration of Cooperative Organization in Nepal

A cooperative organization can carry out its functions only after its registration under the cooperative act 2048. For registration of cooperatives following procedures should be followed.

1. Preliminary meeting:
According to the cooperative act 2048 there should be at least 25 members to form a cooperative society. Preliminary meeting must be held before applying for the registration. The meeting is held in the presence of 25 members under 1 chairman among them. The following things should be discussed in the meeting:

  • Commencement of the business
  • The name and address of the society
  • The objectives of the society
  • The value of each share
  • Membership fee

2. Filing an application for registration
After preparing and passing proposed by laws and working schemes in the preliminary general meeting. In application should be submitted to the office of registrar, department of cooperatives, and government of Nepal

Following things are mentioned in the application form

  • Proposed name of society
  • Address
  • Objectives
  • Working areas
  • Liabilities
  • Total share capital
  • Total number of shares to be paid
  • Two copies of law of proposed society
  • Original copy of working scheme
  • Copies of citizen certificate
  • Application must be signed by chairman

3. Receiving the certificate of registration
After filing application for registration, certificate of registration is to be received. After applying application along with document, they are submitted at the registration office. Then the registrar checks all the documents. If the documents are satisfactory then registrar will issue certificate of registration. After receiving certificate of registration, the society can operate.

Legal provisions for dissolution of co-operative society

According to the cooperative act 2048 cooperative society can be dissolved under following circumstances

  • Two third majority of total number of society can take decisions of dissolution.
  • Registrar can dissolve it, if application with reasonable clause is received.
  • Registrar can dissolve it, if the society is found inactive and not operating for two years.
  • The registrar can dissolve it, if it is found operating against the law and objectives of it.

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