Role of cooperative organization in developing countries

Following are the role of cooperatives in developing countries:

  • Works for the economic progress of the nation
  • Uplifts the poor people.
  • Develop the weaker section of the country
  • Bring balance between economic and social development of the country
  • Mobilization of resources in rural areas
  • Employment of the people in agricultural sector
  • Provide better qualities of seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides to the farmers
  • Help to get agricultural loan.
  • Helps to establish business in low capital
  • Enhance the economic activities like banking, shares, investment and so on
  • Encouragement in saving
  • Farmers, employee, and small retailers who are often neglected for loan are provided credit facilities.
  • Provides loan to poor farmers at low interest rate.
  • Elimination of poverty
  • Increase the living standard of people

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