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Features of Microsoft Excel

1. Add header and footer
MS Excel allows us to keep the header and footer in our spreadsheet document.

2. Find and replace command
MS Excel allows us to find the needed data (text and numbers) in the workbook and also replace the existing data with a new one.

3. Password protection
This feature of MS Excel allows the user to protect their workbooks by using a password from unauthorized access to their information.

4. Data filtering
Filtering is a quick and easy way to find and work with a subset of data in a range. A filtered range displays only the rows that meet the criteria you specify for a column. MS Excel provides two commands for filtering ranges:

  • AutoFilter; which includes filter by selection, for simple criteria
  • Advanced Filter; for more complex criteria

5. Data sorting
Data sorting is the process of arranging data in some logical order. MS Excel allows us to sort data either in ascending or descending order.

6. Built-in formulae

MS Excel has got many built-in formulae for sum, average, minimum, etc. We can use those formulae as per our needs.

7. Create different charts (Pivot Table Report)

MS Excel allows us to create different charts such as bar graph, pie- charts, line graphs, etc. This helps us to analyze and compare data very easily.

8. Automatically edits the result

MS Excel automatically edits the result if any changes are made in any of the cells.

9. Formula auditing

Using formula auditing feature of MS Excel, we can graphically display or trace the relationships between cells and formulas with blue arrows. We can trace the precedents (the cells that provide data to a specific cell) or the dependents (the cells that depend on the value in a specific cell)

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