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Full fathom five thy father lies

What indepth idea of death relating to the nature is presented in the poem? How do you see death to be? Is death meaningful in this poem?

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Question asked by Abhigya_Dangol

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Indeed, in this poem, the spirit Ariel has presented very artful and melodious description about the death of Ferdinand’s father. The prince of Naples is worried thinking that his father is drowned. He is very sad about the meaningless death of his father. However, Ariel gives him sympathy by making the death meaningful through his powerful and magical description. He says that nothing of the dead body has decayed or rotten wastefully. Everything of the dead body is changed into meaningful and precious objects at the bottom of the sea. Ariel finally requests Ferdinand to listen to the death-bell rung by the sea nymphs to welcome his father’s beautiful and meaningful death.

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Answered by aadarsh_gautam