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Summary of the poem Great Scott! Gadzooks!

In the poem, ‘Great Scott! Gadzooks!’ the poet highlights the pros and cons of watching a television (TV) for a child. As per the poet, TV makes the mind of a child dull if they watch it for long hours. Children often don’t do any physical activities like playing, running or other forms of exercise if they find interesting series, ads or cartoons to watch. They rather stick like a glue infront of the TV sets making them unable to think creatively and brainstorm to learn something new. TV might act as an addiction to a child making them want to do nothing else.
In contrary to that, if a child is busy watching TV, parents can freely work on other things in the home as the child won’t be engaged with other activities which need their attention like when the child is climbing on the window, quarreling or other similar kinds of bad activities.

Weighing both pros and cons, it’s not worth letting the child watch TV for long hours as per the poet. The mind of a child is very delicate and watching TV may rust the brain. TV makes them blind as they can’t imagine the fantasy world which can only be inspired by reading books.

It can be confidently said that the children born during the time when the TV didn’t exist were happy as well. Without TV, a child during those days would invest their time reading or listening to books like a fantasy story, drama, poems or other genres which in-turn boost their imagination and creativity. They would also play indoor and outdoor games. The poet asks the parents to do their part now and rather throw away TV to free up space to keep a bookshelf filled with interesting books for their children.

However, a child addicted to TV mightn’t be able to bear not being able to watch TV so the parents must be aware of that. The poet believes that regardless of how difficult it might be but in a few weeks’ time, the child will adjust to new settings and be more involved in reading books. Addiction to books will make them forget about the television and parents now can also involve their child into beautiful arts, reading, singing, dancing, playing as other activities.

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