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Summary of the poem On the Eve of His Execution

The poet in his late-20s is young but unhappy. There is no sign of happiness instead its filled with pain and sufferings. He relates his corn field (life) with tares (an injurious weed resembling to corn when young). He hopes for a better future but all those are in vain as days pass by without him being able to move freely. And, he still finds himself trapped in the jail. He thinks life has ended even though he’s still alive for he is waiting his execution order to be carried out.

The poet continues as he says that the story he says is heard but not passed on forward – nobody has spoken on his behalf. He is to lose everything including his life due to the execution order despite he being in his youth and having a lot to live for. He has seen the world but the world didn’t see him as he’s left ignored and not cared for. His story is familiar to everyone but no one dare speak for him or stand next to him. He emphases on his feeling that the life is now over.

The poet found his death in the womb itself when he looked for it. And, when looking for life, he finds it was just a shade. As he walks in the ground, he believes it is his tomb underneath the soil. He thinks there is lot more he could do, a lot of wishes he could work towards but he doesn’t have any time for those. He says that his life is destroyed and now he’s just waiting for his execution.

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