Advanced Reservation Chart

This chart is normally used in modern hotel organization to have a good control over reservation because this chart are responsible for providing the condition of room available in monthly period of time. Most of this type of chart are maintained in white board or erasable chart.

1. Conventional Booking chart:

This chart is used normally for having a glance in the reservation condition of a hotel. In this the main focus is given to the room number where as room type may be random in anywhere. This type of chart have two horizontal column where one indicate room no next room type where as in the same place there are two vertical columns where one indicate date another days. This chart normally gives us a brief idea about a guest and how long they are staying in the property.

Specimen of conventional Booking Chart Specimen of conventional Booking Chart

2. Density Booking Chart:

This chart is normally built to overcome the draw backs of conventional chart. In this type of chart the room type are given the main importance due to which we can easily allocate a guest who requires a type of room but is not so much concern about room number. The allocation of room is easier in density chart because the particular room type rooms are summed of together.

Specimen of Density Booking Chart
Specimen of Density Booking Chart

3. Reservation Register:

This is a format that is maintain by front office section to keep a good record of requested room. This register is maintain in reservation department reservation assistance or officer. This register works as a record for future forecasting and recording keeping. The point that should be maintained in it are:

  • Name of the client, Nationality and address
  • Date of arrival
  • Company’s name and address
  • Type of room, rate and number desired
  • Contact address .e.g. telephone, fax, email etc
  • Credit card number
  • Name of the person/ source seeking reservation
  • Reservation received by
  • Total number of nights
  • Special services required

Reservation Form Soaltee
Reservation Form Soaltee

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