Reservation Process and Procedure

Reservation is a complete process of booking that is conducted by to parties i.e. one guest or customer and next one is hotel reservation section.

The procedure of reservation are:

1. Enquiry for reservations:
First step of reservation is registered as enquiry of reservation where reservation personnel conduct a brief question answer section with guest or customer to gain various knowledge about reservation which he/she wants to make. The point that are to be recorded are note down below:

  • Name of the guest

  • Date of arrival

  • Date of departure

  • Desired room type

  • Desired room rate

  • Required number of rooms

  • Desired room plan

  • Number of pare.

  • Contact address and number (details)

  • Special recommendation

2. Determining the room availability:
The second most important step in reservation is determining the room availability. In this process we check the demand of guest encoded during the first step. The availability can be checked by referring to forecast chart, conventional chart or density chart. In fully automated system we can begin check in the same availability by computerized system or software.

Room Forecast Chart

3. Excepting or dying the request:
Now after check in the room availability in hotel we are able to expect or deny the reservation request. Expecting can be done if the request is fully validated by the availability formats and system, where as vice versa can be conducted for denying.
Exceptional: In few cases reservation personnel an up sale another room of same criteria or higher by conveying or motivate the customer or guest.

4. Documenting the reservation details:
After accepting or denying reservation next process is documentation. Documentation is conducted by reservation staff by completing undone part of reservation form with the necessary details of guest who is about to stay.

5. Confirming the reservation request:
After documenting the details of a guest we need to confirm the room to a guest confirmation are generally done by dispatching a confirmation letter to the guest by having a guaranteed reservation and may be sometime non-guarantee too.

6. Maintaining the reservation record:
After confirming a room to the guest we need to make a reservation record for each and every booking made. The records can be maintained or processed in two ways:

  • Documenting the original reservation: In this process we file and record the original reservation details and if we are working in a computerized system we will be recording a printed form of reservation done. The documentation are done in a basis of date of arrival and afterward in assurance to the surname of guest.

  • Modification of reservation: The next step in processing is changing of the details that are recorded in reservation form. In this case, we need to attach the different ammessdement/ correction form or slip with the original one.

8. Compiling the reservation report:
Now after completion of reservation record we need to prepare the report of reservation dept. on either basis of date, week, month or year.

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