Source of Reservation

The reservation in of accommodation in a hotel is usually generated through the different organization as they are determined to get the stay and take delivery of the service facilities.

The various sources through which the reservation come to the hotel are listed below:

Travel and Tour Organization:

  • Tour operator: These are wholesalers who coordinate with different mode of transportations, hotels, tour, associations, tourist offices etc.

  • Travel agencies: Travel agencies are the backbone of the tourism industry and potential source of business for any hotel. They are the generator and creator of the hotel business. They collect travel and tour information regarding purpose of visit and develop new idea and promote new destinations as well.

  • Trekking agencies: Trekking is simply defined as foot travel on mountain, trails or walking on foot in discomfort areas. They are the source of reservation in hotel for accommodation and food.

  • Rafting agency: Rafting agencies organize trip on fast flowing river water by boat/ dug out/ rafts/ canoe for short or long distance. It is one of the most sought after water sports which is full of adventure. In Nepal wildlife watch, fishing trip are very popular offered to the guest in the form of package.

  • Mountaineering agencies: It is related to the show covered high altitude mountains. The duration of stay in the hotel is very short due to camp out programs.

The role of airlines, whether international or domestic is to provide quick transportation to the masses. Airlines promote tourism growth and help in earning considerable amount of foreign exchange.

Companies and Commercial Business role uses:
The companies and commercial business role uses reserve rooms for their clients or guests, participants, employees, etc. When they are out of station on deputing.

NGOs and INGOs:
The organization provides accommodating reservation and other facilities for their guest and employees.

Embassy and consulate offices:
They are good source of reservation. They reserve the room for the expatriates and officials from their country.

Universities and other Educational Institutions:
These are also good source of reservation students associations, professors, technicians and employees are the reliable reservation source to hotel.

Ministries and Government offices:
They reserve the room for their guest, diplomats or government employees. Usually they are sent for official programs. Participation in international conference/ summit, seminars or sports events is the main objective of these group.

UN organization and Banks:
These are valuable source as they come for special mission for short duration. Special packages rates are offered at high discounts on rooms and food and beverages.

Free Individual travelers (FIT):
A group coming to a hotel as an individual and not as a part of a group is typically referred to as an FIT. They don’t seek the service of travel agencies.

Chain Hotel and Referable from other hotels:
Through the channel of group hotels, rooms are booked for guest mostly on confirmed reservation request. These guest from chain hotels or other individual hotels usually come under guaranteed reservation.

Global Distribution System (GDS):
GDS is a network of providers that bring, products and services that are geographically spread to the doors representation of costumer anywhere in the world.

Central Reservation System (CRS):
CRS are another expanding phenomenon to make booking easier. They provides toll free telephone number to encourage travelers to use their facility.

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