Mode of Reservation

Mode of reservation generally refers to the ways of receiving the accommodation booking through various communication system. The following modes of reservation are encircled in front office operation.

Fax/ Facsimile:
The word facsimile derived from Latin facsimile, “Make similar” i.e. “Make a copy.” is a tele-communications technology used to transfer copies of documents especially using affordable devise operating over the telephone network.

It is most commonly abbreviated email is a method of exchange digital messages across the internet that is very essential to operate input/ output operation for reservation of rooms.

Teletypewriter exchange was the first data communication service that used typewriter like terminals.

The telephone is a telecommunication device that transits speech by means of electric signals. It is one of the most common mode of reservation which is very easy to handle.

Hotel industries offer online reservation services through their internet sites. The variety of potential guests accessing internet sites to place reservation has prompted travel and hotel to simple reservation procedure.

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