Whitney Rack

This Rack is a rack that is used to maintain a reservation slip or form in reservation department. The main purpose of this rack is to not have a misplacement of reservation details that is maintained in a reservation formats. The Whitney rack of often prepared of wooden structure of mental drawers in Industry. Whitney rack have different shots in hastes of date, day or room type for particular month, year or upcoming year.
Factor Affecting In Reservation

1. Confirmation of Reservation:
It is generally done after verifying the details of guest by a hotel. The confirmation can be conducted in two way for major type of guest. They are:-

Free Individual Traveler confirmation: In case of FITC, we first verify all the details that are provided by the traveler and conduct a confirmation process modes of telephone, email, telex, fax or letter. The various details that are mention in a confirmation letter are:

  • Name and address of the guest
  • Date and time arrival assure and departure
  • Length of stay
  • Number of pan
  • Room type
  • Room Rate (Plan)
  • Deposit Required
  • Mode of Payment
  • Special Recommendation with its charge

Guest are generally requested to present their confirmation letters during their check in process. So that, the registration personnel can verify the guest. The confirmation letter will containing other detail like reconfirmation, cancellation or charge of date or room.

Group Reservation: The group reservation ar generally handle by group leader, travel agent or tour operator etc in a hotel industry a group must at least consider 15 paying guest in it. In group reservation the guest details are verified in advanced as provided by the group leader and accommodation fooding and other major concerns are taken care by the group leader him/ herself.
Group reservation is big thing for hotel industry because this deals with a large number of revenue for hotel industry that’s why while taken a group reservation room rate meal planes and other necessary components should be fixed in advanced that we don’t have any problem in future in response to group registration and other formalities.

The various point that should be taken care while doing a good group reservation are:

  • The detail of guest should be noted down carefully and rechecked.
  • The date of arrival and departure should be noted nicely because when we are talking about group reservation we are referring to large number of room.
  • For this type of reservation different file, folder or section should be maintained in reservation departments.
  • The detail of group should be revised and checked again for confirmation with group leader in one month advanced so that, we don’t have to go through major loss.
  • Passport, scanned copy and name of group be verified in advanced to eliminate false reservation.
  • Special instruction also should be cured so that guest satisfaction could be changed guest delight.
  • Group reservation means sale of large number of rooms that’s why the cancellation should be conducted one month in advanced otherwise hotel will disable to claim one night charge from group if they cancel after one month in advanced.

2. Reservation Cancellation:
Reservation cancellation is always regarded as a crucial and critical activity to be maintained in a reservation department. While closing cancellation there are various points that should be take care of:

  • The Cancellation should be always be taken in polite clam and generous method.
  • When cancellation are taken as soon as possible cancellation form or slip should be filled.
  • The charts that are maintain in a reservation department should be update in a regular mode in reference with the cancellation conducts.
  • The slips and formats should be removed from rack so that we can know that actual condition of hotel room occupancy.

While doing cancellation we can keep in regard of two parties:

Free Individual traveler cancellation: In this case normally the cancellation should arrive in hotel before 48 hours otherwise the hotel is liable to deduct one night revenue from the deposit maintained by guest. Although hotel will not charge any amount in case of force majeure (Unforeseen circumstances).

Group cancellation: It is another major task that is to be conducted in hotel because group cancellation is regarded as a big business flowing outside or getting rid of our hand. While doing group cancellation there is a certain days criteria to be maintain like up to 15 pan minimum 14 days, 16 to 50 pan minimum 21 days and 51 and above minimum 28days advance cancellation should be conducted. While conducting a partial cancellation or deduction lets say up to 25% then the cancellation should be conducted charge of one night is to be deducted whereas the cancellation is cured due to force majeure (unforeseen circumstances) like flood, hurricane, earthquake, Tsunami, accident, strike or war etc. The cancellation can be waived off.

While conducting cancellation in peak season by travel agent or group leader the message should be charged minimum 60 days in advance to not get involved in any cancellation charged. Whereas if the customer or guest are transferring the hotel on the same locality there should be informing in 60 days advanced otherwise they are liable to pay the charge of 10% of whole amount decided in advanced.

3. Walk – in:
Walk in guest are also regarded as wind flow business or chance guest. Because hotel don’t have any prior information about such guest due to which they can process or forecast. Normally in walk in condition all the activities of registration and reservation are conducted on the spot where as the guest is only taken in if he/she is in a fit condition to be taken and is ready to pay advance deposit.

4. Overbooking:
This process is normally regards as selling of more room than available in the hotel. Overbooking should always be handle with too much care because some time this can also create bad reputation in a thirst of making 100% occupancy. While handling over booking guest should be informed and convinced very carefully to transfer in same level another property so that you won’t create a bed reputation for your hotel. While doing this you should conduct in very polite and generous matter and if guest are understandable this process might create a good will for guarantee reservation in future.

5. Out of Order (000):
Out of order room are the room that are either being maintained, repair, remounted etc. and are not in a sellable condition right now. This room cannot be reserved for current days but can be always be sold for future days by panning with the housekeeping supervisor or staff.

6. Length of stay:
Another major factor affecting reservation are there type of stays in hotel.

  • Overstay: It is a condition, where guest stays for more days then he have actually booked for.
  • Stay over: In this condition, this is the time period when guest is staying in a hotel for the time period he has booked.
  • Under stay: In this condition, the guest stay for less days then he has actually booked.

7. No – show:
In reservation department no- show said to happen when a guest or customer book shop room and doesn’t appear in the assigned check in date. In this condition, the hotel is always liable to cut the charge of first night form the advanced deposit made. It the reservation made is a non-guarantee reservation then the charge amount will be regarded as the had debt of reservation department because you will not advance deposit to cut but in case of company letter or guarantee we can claim at least first night charge form the company amount.

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