Part of Front Office

1. Bell desk: It is a section that is solely responsible for carrying the luggage of guest from lobby area to guest room during check in and guest room to lobby area during check out. Beside this bell desk it’s also responsible for Newspaper handling, paging, incorting guest etc.

2. Travel and Tour desk: This is located in either one or two areas of a hotel and this section is truly responsible for selling travel and tour packages and providing transportation facilities.
This section in hotel can be organized in two ways:

  • By the hotel itself.
  • In a contract by any famous travel and tour company.

3. Guest Relation Desk: Guest Relation is a section where guest which are staying inside in a hotel can direct their queries, complains and dissatisfaction. Guest Relation personal are responsible for guest handling complaints handling and upselling as well as providing various information about hotel.

4. Registration: Registration section is a section where guest fill the half clone registration from which is provided by reservation department. This process should be hand written so that we can have a proof in future.

5. Reception/Information section: This section is mainly known for its guest handling process and handling the inquiry phones that needs to be entertain by hotel.

6. Cashier: This Section is the only one which get directly related to monetary matter. The two core responsibility of this section are exchanging foreign currency and settling the bill during guest stay or checkout.

7. Operator: Operator is a section that plays a major role in begin the nerve center of a hotel. The two basic responsibility of operator section and handling wake up call.

8. Business Centre: Business center is the section where we provide guest with business related service like computer, Internet, International calls, photocopies etc.

9. Safety locker: It is a area which is maintained with the high security system where hotel is responsible for keeping and handling valuable guest belongings.

10. Reservation: This section is responsible for conducting the pre-arrival booking activity of the guest in the hotel.

11. Office Section: This section are the one where front office manager and assistant manager or executive have their sitting rooms.

12. Store (Pantry): This is a mini store that is responsible to accommodate front office, logistic item that can replace a one day activity.

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