Chapter Two: Classification of Computer


Chapter Two : Classification of Computer



1.  On the basis of Purpose of Use

a.       General Purpose Computer

b.      Special Purpose Computer

2.  On the basis of speed/size

a.       Super Computer

b.      Mainframe Computer

c.       Mini Computer

d.      Micro Computer

                                             i.          Portable Micro Computer

                                           ii.          Non-Portable Micro Computer

3.  On the basis of Working Principle

a.       Analog Computer

b.      Digital Computer

c.       Hybrid Computer

4.  On the basis of Brand

a.       IBM Computer

                                             i.          IBM Computer

                                           ii.          IBM Compartable

b.      Apple Computer

5.  On the basis of Model

a.       XT Computer

b.      AT Computer

c.       PS/2 Computer

& Difference Between Digital and Analog Computer