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Difference between ray floret and disc floret

Ray Floret:

  1. Flower possesses extra appendages called ligule. So, flower is ligulated.
  2. Flower is zygomorphic.
  3. It is located towards the margin of introduce of bract.
  4. It is usually unisexual. (only gynoecium present)
  5. It increases the attractiveness of inflorescence.
  6. Sometimes, it may be neuter.
  7. It is incomplete.

flora diagram

Disc Floret:

  1. Flower is illigulated, hairy no extra-appendage.
  2. It is actinomorphic i.e. more or less petals are fused to form tubular structure.
  3. It is located centripetally
  4. It is always bisexual.
  5. It ensures the present of male and female legaments.
  6. It is always bisexual.
  7. It is complete.
    flora diagram

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