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Welcome to TyroCity.com

Hello there! 👋 Welcome to the 🎓 TyroCity 🎓 community!

This community is created to help learners around the world connect with each other, showcase their work, find partners, mentors, as well as help students with their studies through reference notes, video lectures, podcast and many more!

Leave a comment and introduce yourself! Let us know where you're from, what you're hobbies are, or just a fun fact about yourself. When you're done, check out the other comments and leave a reply to someone else. 👋

Tell us what brought you here... Are you interested in building your helping other learners like yourself? Are you here to share some resources useful to your friends or juniors? Anything else? 🙂

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sunil_49880101ec325d4766e profile image

why is it not showing about the bussiness studies of grade 12. can u plz tell me
i have been searching it again n again

sujan profile image

@sunil_49880101ec325d4766e : you can find bussiness studies of grade 12 at tyrocity.com/business-studies/busi...