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Difference between plant cell and animal cell

Plant cell

plant cell

  • Cell wall is present.
  • It bears plastids (chloroplast, leucoplast and leukoplask).
  • Lysosomes are absent except in lower plants.
  • Mature plants cell contains a large vacuole.
  • In organic crystals are present.
  • Centrioles are absent except in lower parts.
  • Reserved food: starch or oil
  • It has definite shape.
  • Mitochondria are comparatively fewer.
  • Golgi apparatus consists of number of distinct or unconnected units called didyosomes.
  • Cytokinesis- by cell plate method

Animal cell

animal cell

  • Cell wall is absent.
  • Lysosomes are present.
  • It contains many small vacuoles.
  • Inorganic crystals are absent.
  • Centrioles are present.
  • Reserved food: glycogen & fat
  • Shape may be changed.
  • Generally, numerous
  • Golgi apparatus is either localized or consists of a well-connected single complex.
  • Cytokinesis-by constriction method.

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