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Communication Port

It is a hardware device used for connecting peripherals devices with the computer. It has major functions like:

  • Connecting peripheral devices.
  • Transmitting data to and fro from peripheral devices.
  • Providing electrical power to the small peripheral devices.

Some of the communication ports used are:

- Serial port
It is used for connecting slow speed devices like keyboard, mouse, etc. It also provides electrical power supply to these devices. It cam transmit 1 bit data at a time.

- Parallel port
It is used for connecting medium speed devices like monitor, printer, etc. It can transmit 8 bit data at a time.

- USB (Universal serial bus)
USB is the common interface developed by multiple hardware developers for supporting large variables of devices. It is used to connect keyboard, monitor, pen drive, etc. It is the most common user interface at present.

It is used for connecting external memory devices like magnetic tape, multiple hard disk, etc.

- IEEE 1394 interface
This interface is used for connecting high speed devices like connecting audio/video equipments, aeronautical devices, medical equipments, etc.

- PCI (Peripheral communications interface)
It is used for connecting peripheral devices like internal modem, internal TV card, sound card, graphics card, etc with the computer. It is available in the mother board.

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