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Ink Jet Printer

It is non impact type character printer. It uses liquid ink for printing. It can be single or multi-colored. Multi-colored ink jet printer can use either RGB colors or CYMK (cyan, yellow, magenta, black). This printer uses dot-matrix approach for printing i.e. a dot is formed by spraying liquid ink. Series of dots are used to print characters and images. It is cheaper to buy but its operating cost is expensive due to expensive ink. So, it is appropriate only for low volume printing.


  • It is not noisy and is faster than impact printers.
  • It can be both single and multi-colored.
  • It is cheaper to buy.
  • It can print both text and images.
  • Its printing quality is better than impact printers.


  • Its operating cost is high.
  • It is appropriate for low volume printing only.
  • It can’t produce multiple copies at the same time.
  • It is not appropriate for continuous printing .

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