The term reservation can be defined as an agreement between the customers and service providers for the services pertaining to the future. An inquiry for accommodation and services in a hotel by prospective clients for a specified period through various sources by use of different modes is termed as reservation.

Purpose of Reservation:

  • The Purpose of reservation is enumerated as under:
  • For effective planning and to increase the efficiency of the given manpower, Machine, Money and material.
  • To forecast future room occupancy.
  • To sate the main product of the hotel, i.e. accommodation.
  • To minimize occupancy at all times.
  • To save time and money.
  • To build a good rapport among the guest.
  • To secure payment in advance.

Reservation and sale:
The reservation of hotel service creates contractual relationship between the hotel and its guest. Hotel industries generally consider that the reservation is a part of the sales department, though the function has traditionally been the part of the room division. The main objective of reservation is to minimize the room sales at all time so as to increase the room revenue. In the front office operation the main records of the room sales are:

  • Room reservation charts
  • Reservation form
  • Daily arrival and departure list
  • Room status board
  • Guest indem

Generally, there are two system of recording room sales, one is selling by specific number of rooms. In this system, room are sold and recorded by individual number. Second is selecting by a quantity and quality. In this case, room are sold form the density-booking chart. The second system is more flexible and practically used by most hotels.

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