Physics XII


Unit 1.1: Waves

Wave motion

Mechanical waves

Waves in pipes and string

Acoustic phenomena

Unit 1.2: Physical Optics

Nature and propagation of light




Unit 2.1: Current Electricity

D.C. Circuit

Electrical circuits

Thermoelectric effects

Chemical effect of current

Unit 2.2: Magnetic Field of current

Magnetic field

Application of Biot-Savart Law

Application of Ampere’s Law

Helmholtz’s Coil

Magnetic properties of materials

Electromagnetic Induction

Alternating Currents

Unit 3: Modern Physics

Electrons and Photons

Solids and semi-conductor devices

Quantization of energy

Nuclear Physics


Nuclear energy and other sources of energy

Particle physics and cosmology

Universe – Hubble law; Big bang; Critical density; Dark matter